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Die Casting

Die casting is one of the most efficient methods of manufacturing parts with complex shapes, integrated structures, accurate dimensions, high-quality surfaces, high strength, and suitable hardness. For this reason, this method is widely used in the production of industrial equipment parts and consumer goods, especially car parts. In general, about 60% of diecast parts are used in the automotive industry. This method is also used in the aerospace industry, electronic equipment, home appliance manufacturing, and jewelry making.

Die casting is an efficient and economic process that allows the manufacture and production of complex and high-quality parts. The integrity of the parts made by this method reduces the cost of machining and related equipment. Of course, the economic benefit of die casting is in the mass production of parts.

Magnesium alloys die casting is one of the main applications of magnesium. Magnesium alloys die casting is extensively used in the automotive industry. Magnesium has many common uses as a lightweight metal in car construction. The increasing use of magnesium alloys in the automotive industry is due to the combination of high strength and low density in these alloys. Therefore, magnesium metal is used in many applications that require low weight. In the automotive industry, by reducing the weight, the performance of the car increases. Reducing the steering resistance and reducing the acceleration energy leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and the production of carbon dioxide gas.

Magnesium entered the automotive industry in the 1920s and was first used in racing cars and a decade later in commercial vehicles. Today, the interest in using magnesium in automobile manufacturing has increased to help the environment, so that many large companies use magnesium instead of aluminum and steel in different parts of their products.

Magnesium casting parts used in automobile manufacturing are divided into two groups of structural and non-structural parts. Structural parts require high mechanical properties, but non-structural parts do not require very high mechanical properties. Nowadays, many aluminum alloys used in non-structural parts have been replaced by magnesium parts. For example, if magnesium AZ91 alloy is used instead of aluminum A380 alloy in the non-structural parts of the car, 20-30% mass reduction is achieved.

The automotive industry is not the only industry that uses magnesium diecast parts. The aerospace industry has been using magnesium alloys for a long time to reduce the weight of its sensitive components. For example, magnesium alloys are widely used to cover helicopter gearboxes. For this purpose, an alloy of magnesium is used, which has a good performance at 150 degrees Celsius, and on the other hand, has good mechanical properties and casting ability. In the aerospace industry, magnesium alloys are being successfully used in military and civilian aircraft.

Spacecrafts and rockets have also benefited from the properties of magnesium and its alloys, since weight reduction is of high importance during design, and a material that can show high resistance in acute conditions is needed. Magnesium is used to withstand very high temperatures, exposure to ozone, the impact of particles, and high-energy materials.

Magnesium diecast parts can be used in other applications too but their main application is in the automotive and then aerospace industries.

KHORASAN MG offers different grades of magnesium and magnesium alloys ideal for these applications.

The meticulous manufacturing process leads to complete control of products' specifications and ideal products for die casting.


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